5 Hot Songs to Make Love To

Now, let’s be honest. Before you get busy, I am sure there is some sort of routine you complete before you hit the sheets. Maybe you dim the lights just right, or turn on a few candles around the room. My question is, do you have a “Gettin’ It On” playlist on your iPod? Because you should! According to sex and relationship expert Megan Fleming, PhD., putting together a sexy mix actually relaxes and excites you.

Below you will find some tantalizing tunes you can add to your “Gettin’ It On” playlist. And, don’t be shy.

1. “Sex is On Fire,” The Kings of Leon. The title of this song says it all…
2. “Cockiness (Love It),” Rihanna. If this sexy Rihanna song doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.
3. “Love in This Club,” Usher. You know this song will be an asset to your playlist.
4. “Sexual Healing,” Marvin Gaye. This may be an oldie, but what a goodie!
5. “Crash Into Me,” Dave Matthews Band. This song may remind you of a make-out session you had with your high school sweetheart, but whoever said that was a bad thing.

Now, that you have some love-making songs for your playlist, it is time for you to dim the lights and turn up the heat. Do you have some song ideas that get you in the mood? We would love to hear what you’ve got! Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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A Tour of the Cave Room

Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide you with a picture of one of our rooms and a brief description of what you can find there. This week? We’re providing you with a quick look inside our Cave Room. If you’ve never been inside, you definitely don’t know what you’re missing out on – until now. And did we mention there are two of them?

For starters, the Cave Room is an oasis all its own. From the second you step inside, you’ll get lost in the feeling that you’re in an actual cave. And with custom-crafted walls and ceilings, with more than 1,000 star-like LED lights throughout, it’s easy to get lost in the moment.

Both rooms feature a circular bed in the middle of the room with mood-enhancing track lighting around the base of the bed and floors, with a mirrored ceiling above the bed. Add in a large, open-view waterfall shower and a heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub, and you can see why the Cave Room is among our most desired rooms.

In addition, one of the Cave Rooms features lush vines draping the walls, along with a private dance floor. The other backs up to an exclusive private swimming pool. The only thing missing from this fantasy room is you.

It’s okay to come inside.

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Sex and 3 Benefits for Your Health

It’s everywhere. On TV. On billboards. On your computer. Oh – and in your mind. Yes, we’re talking about sex. And while nature has fortunately made it an enjoyable experience, its benefits don’t end there. Yep, there’s more good news! Turns out sex has not just one, but many real benefits toward improving and maintaining your health. Check out this week’s list – and go ahead and enjoy the benefits of a healthy – and responsible – sex life.

  1. Burn Calories – The proof is in the numbers. Thirty minutes of sex can burn a minimum of 85 calories, possibly more. Doesn’t sound like much? Consider that 42 half-hour sessions at that rate would help you lose more than a pound of excess weight. Or put it this way – three, 30-minute sexual sessions per week could afford you an extra bag of M&Ms without gaining an ounce. Have at it.
  2. Boost Self-Esteem – Before you read this one and run on out for a quick fix, you’ll want to note that the biggest boosts in self-esteem come from sex that is based in loving, committed relationships. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we know, sex builds intimacy, and if you seek out countless sexual partners for the purposes of boosting self-esteem, you’ll often create the opposite problem. Relationships boost self-esteem, and a steady sexual diet in that relationship will only help.
  3. Reduce Stress – Long work week? Before you rush off to happy hour, consider stopping home for a night in. The journal, Biological Psychology, conducted a study of 46 men and women and kept logs of their sexual activity. Then, they put them in stressful situations that included public speaking and arithmetic problems (always stressful), and noted their blood pressure ratings afterward. The response? The more sexually active group responded better to stress than their undersexed counterparts. Oh, and hugs from your partner? Those can reduce stress, too.

Got some sexual benefits of your own? Share them with us! And check back next week for more from ‘The Fantasy Diaries.’ Be sure to visit www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see how to take your fantasy game to the next level…

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3 Ways to Get Into Role Playing

It’s time for another Fantasy Diary! We’ve talked about things men and women wish they knew about each other, ways to spice up foreplay, and even ways to stroke a man’s ego. This week, we decided to dive into something we know quite well, by nature of our numerous themed rooms: Role playing.  Read on and open up your mind. It may lead to some unforgettable nights.

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Stroking a Man’s…Ego

Entrenched gender stereotypes would have you believe that compliments and flattery are strictly a means for men to show affection and appreciation towards women. Sure, women love compliments, but they’re not the only ones. Men enjoy them, too, and maybe that’s not much of a surprise. However, it’s the reasons that men enjoy compliments that might be news to you.

Near the top of the list? He’s insecure on occasion, and let’s face it – friendly reminders of what you appreciate about him are never a bad thing, either.

By nature, men are supposed to fulfill their role as confident, strong and unwavering beings. Sure, gender roles have slacked in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that men have lost the sense that they’re expected to be rock-solid, through and through.

The problem, though, is that the modern male is less sure of his social standing than ever before, and it’s important to remind him that you value who he is, regardless of the circumstances.

Compliments aimed at his sense of humor and work ethic are gold, so long as their genuine. Sure, men perceive there to be value in what they can provide, but to know that you appreciate who they are means more to him than you could imagine.

Of course, compliments of the intimate nature are encouraged, too. And don’t be afraid to be specific. If you like something that he does to you, tell him exactly what it is. Not only will it stroke his ego, but it also guarantees that he’ll be going out of his way to do it again and again.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to compliment him. If you think he doesn’t need it, think again.

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3 Tips to Spice-Up Your Foreplay

Foreplay. It’s the part of sex that’s most often overlooked. Hey, who has time, right? But if you want to take your love game to the next level, stop and read. This neglected art could stretch your pleasure to new heights in no time.

  1. Anticipation. Ask yourself this question – Which do you spend more time doing? Thinking about sex, or actually having it? You know the answer. Consider this, though. If you’re thinking about it, don’t you think she is? Some of the best seduction is done without so much as a kiss or a touch. And one of the best ways to get your partner to a tipping point of arousal is to paint a picture in their mind about an experience that you can’t wait to share with them. So start talking. Paint a picture in their mind, then go ahead and deliver it.
  2. Slow it down. Common sense, right? Maybe. But after a while, we tend to lose the same patience and new appreciation we had when we first met. Next time, kiss slowly. Kiss everywhere, and do that slowly, too. Keep your eyes on your partner and build the anticipation to a boil. The climax will be well worth the wait.
  3. Non-Sexual Touch. Gently stroking your finger tips on his hand. Grazing your hand across her lower back and holding it there in a gentle massage up and down her spine. Getting the picture? Taking your time to appreciate the general pleasure of human touch will eventually take your mind to the thoughts of how good it feels to touch in some other areas. And it’s okay if you do.

Got some tips of your own? Share them with us! And check back next week for more from ‘The Fantasy Diaries.’ Be sure to visit www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see how to take your fantasy game to the next level…

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Three Things Women Wish Men Knew

Last week, the Executive Fantasy Hotels’ Fantasy Diaries took a look at three things that men wish women knew. Ladies, now it’s our turn. While there are certainly more than three things that women wish men knew about them, we think these ones cover quite a few truths about us, the fairer sex. Men, pull out your pens and pads to take notes.

  1. We like when you take charge – Nothing is more quintessentially masculine than a man who confidently approaches his interactions with us. Same is true with how he confidently approaches his work. Do you like us? Approach us as if you have plenty to offer and nothing to lose. Want to see us again? Forget about the three-day-rule and make plans to see us again. The man who confidently and appropriately pursues the things he wants often finds a way to get them.
  2. We pick every word carefully – We over-evaluate everything you say to us, so you can imagine how careful we are with our own words. It means that we’re sincere in the things that we say, and also well-aware of the things we didn’t say. If we want to see you or talk to you again, we’ll make sure you know it. Also be on the lookout for our compliments. If we say you’re ‘cute’ or ‘nice,’ we definitely mean it – but we’re probably not interested.
  3. We’re sexual, too – We may not be as outspoken about it because, let’s face it; you do a fine job of doing that for us. But who do you think all of these men are having sexual encounters with? The point is, we want it, too. We’re a bit more intrigued by your ability to seduce us, though. Take your time with us, unless we tell you otherwise. Want a real tip? Our neck might just be the key to the kingdom, and even a gentle but firm touch on the small of our back will make us melt.

Ladies, what are some things you wish men knew that we haven’t listed? Have suggestions for a future Fantasy Diaries blog? Share them with us. And be sure to visit http://www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see some more things that women wish men knew…

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Three Things Men Wish Women Knew

Tropic Garden Hotel - Executive Suite

We all know the gender stereotypes. Men like sports, barbeque pits and fast cars. Women like shopping, heals and good conversation. On occasion, though, our understanding of the opposite sex pushes beyond the walls of crude stereotypes, and into a more complex domain. This week, we’ll take a quick sampling of a few things that men wish women knew, which aren’t necessarily part of the open record on gender knowledge. Next week, we’ll look at three things women wished that men knew. Enjoy.

  1. You look hot when you’re dressed down. Men are visual creatures, sure. But the things we have our eyes on are rarely the color of your heels, the shade of your blush or the manicured detail of your nails. We like you, and all of the curves and natural beauty that are part of the package. What turns us on? Sweats and a t-shirt with your hair pulled back. There’s something primal and real about seeing you in your natural state and we’ll never be able to explain it. Don’t worry – we love the dressed up, impeccably pampered version of you, too. But just know that what you were blessed with also works for us, and it works quite well.
  2. Our stomach is connected to our heart. If you’re not good at elaborate displays of affection, don’t worry. You’ll make no greater impression than the time you prepare a meal for us. That’s all it takes. Want some more good news? We’re not even picky about what it is. If it’s warm and edible and you made it, the job is complete. It might serve as a reminder of the nurturing qualities that we love about women, or it might just be because we love eating. Whatever it is, it works.
  3. We like non-sexual physical affection, too. Men are sexual creatures. That’s the rap we’ve got and we rarely shy away from it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t crave non-sexual physical affection, too. Don’t you love it when we hug you, hold you, grab your hand, and kiss your cheek? We do, too! If we don’t show it, it’s because we’ve been conditioned not to. The truth of the matter is, though, that we get a kick out of connecting with you in a physical way. Oh, and that whole sex thing? We’ll never shy away from your advances, should you choose to take it there. Seriously, never.

Got any items on your list that we should know about? Share them with us! And check back next week for three things women wish men knew. Visit www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see some more things that men wish women knew…

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5 Tips to Put the Fantasy Back in Your Relationship

Executive Suite at Executive Airport Hotel

With the launch of ‘The Fantasy Diaries,’ it’s our goal to share some helpful tips and insights to improve your relationships and your love life. This week we’re exploring ways to break out of the relationship ruts that many of us fall in to. Take these five tips home with you tonight, and watch how quickly things start to look up

  1. Put the phone away – These days, our phones are as much a part of our routine as getting dressed and brushing our teeth. With email and internet grabbing for our attention from sun up to sun down, it should come as no surprise that our relationships sometimes take a backseat to these devices. Want some more intimacy in your relationship? Put the phone down. Start by carving out one hour every evening where you put the phone on silent, and use that hour to reconnect with your special someone. If it’s been a while since you reconnected, it may last much longer than an hour.
  2. 2.    Physical affection (not just sex) –As a result of modern, busy schedules, many relationships are left void of even the most basic symbols of physical affection, never mind sex. Want to develop a routine filled with physical affection? Get back to basics. Hold hands. Let that hug linger. Kiss more deeply. And don’t be surprised if things start to heat up from there.
  3. 3.    Make sex a priority – You want to. She wants to. The problem? You’re busy. You’re tired. The kids have practice. The list goes on and on. Think about it – your life is built around a schedule. If you want to build something back in to your life, you simply need to make time for it. So open up your Outlook and send her a meeting request. And don’t be late – it’s a meeting you won’t want to miss. On second thought, set up weekly reminders, too.
  4. 4.    Require creativity from yourself – Sex is like food. It can be very appetizing, but if you eat the same thing every day, you’re bound to get tired of it. Want to mix up the routine? Order something off the menu that you’ve wanted to sample, but haven’t felt adventurous enough to try. Sex is a menu loaded with tasty options. Make sure to try them all.
  5. 5.    Communicate – The cure to most of what ails a relationship is communication. Sex is no different. Though sexual satisfaction can be an uncomfortable conversation to bring up, it’s important to get past your apprehensions and discuss it. Getting beyond the fear can get you to a place of constant openness and sexual discovery. What’s not to like about that?

Have some tips of your own? Share them with us. And check back next week for more from ‘The Fantasy Diaries.’ Be sure to visit www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see how to take your fantasy game to the next level…

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Hello world!

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